A Spouse Visa Application Success Story

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West Bridge is an immigration consultation firm based in the UK that helps individuals with various immigration-related matters. Recently, the firm assisted a client who was seeking to apply for a Spouse Visa for their partner.

About The Client

The client, a UK citizen, had recently married a non-UK citizen who was living abroad. The client wanted to bring their spouse to the UK to live with them permanently, but was unsure of the requirements and process for obtaining a Spouse Visa. The client contacted West Bridge for assistance.

What We Did

Upon receiving the client’s request, West Bridge assigned an experienced immigration consultant to handle the case. The consultant conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s situation and provided guidance on the requirements for the Spouse Visa application. The consultant also explained the entire application process to the client, including the necessary documents and forms required for submission.

The consultant worked closely with the client throughout the application process, providing step-by-step guidance on completing the forms and ensuring that all required documents were included. The consultant also liaised with the relevant authorities on the client’s behalf, ensuring that the application was submitted correctly and in a timely manner.

After The Application

After the application was submitted, West Bridge continued to monitor the progress of the application and provided regular updates to the client. When the client’s Spouse Visa application was approved, the consultant notified the client and provided guidance on the next steps, including arranging for the spouse’s travel to the UK.

Overall, the client was extremely satisfied with the level of service provided by West Bridge. The consultant was knowledgeable and professional, and the application process was smooth and efficient. The client was able to bring their spouse to the UK with minimal hassle, thanks to the expert assistance provided by West Bridge.

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