Check Out How This Start-Up Successfully Achieved Their Sponsor Licence

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At WestBridge, we take pride in helping businesses navigate the complex world of UK immigration law. One of our most memorable success stories involved a small tech start-up that was struggling to compete with larger companies in the UK.

About Our Client

The start-up had identified a number of skilled workers overseas who they believed could help them grow their business and compete more effectively. However, as a small company, they were unsure of the sponsor licence application process and were concerned about the potential costs and risks involved.

That’s when we at WestBridge stepped in to assist them. We worked closely with the start-up to understand their needs and goals, and carefully reviewed their operations to identify the specific types of skilled workers they would need to bring in to achieve their objectives.

Here’s What We Did

Using our in-depth knowledge of the sponsor licence application process, we helped the start-up prepare all the necessary documentation and submit their application to the UK government. We also provided ongoing support and guidance throughout the application process, ensuring that the company met all the requirements and deadlines.

The Outcome

Thanks to our expertise and support, the start-up successfully obtained their sponsor licence, allowing them to bring in the skilled workers they needed to grow their business and compete with larger companies in the UK. The start-up has since gone on to achieve great success, and we are proud to have played a role in their journey.

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