Here’s How We helped These Married Couples Reunite In The UK

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Applying for a Fiancé Visa in the UK can be a daunting task, especially for those unfamiliar with the immigration system. Fortunately, there are immigration consultation companies like WestBridge that provide guidance and support to individuals and businesses seeking to apply for a Fiancé Visa. 

The following case study is an example of how WestBridge helped a couple successfully navigate the Fiancé Visa application process.

About The Couple

The couple, who preferred to remain anonymous, had been in a long-distance relationship for several years. The woman was a non-UK resident, and they decided to apply for a Fiancé Visa to enable her to relocate to the UK and marry her partner. They contacted WestBridge for assistance.

What We Did

WestBridge assigned an immigration consultant to work with the couple on their Fiancé Visa application. The consultant provided detailed guidance on the eligibility criteria and the application process, including the required documentation and timelines. They also advised the couple on how to best present their case to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and how to prepare for the visa interview.

The consultant helped the couple prepare their Fiancé Visa application, including the required forms and supporting documents. They ensured that all the documents were complete, accurate, and met the UK immigration requirements. The consultant also liaised with the UKVI on behalf of the couple to ensure that their application was processed efficiently and without delay.

The Outcome

The Fiancé Visa application was successful, and the woman was granted entry clearance to the UK for six months. She was able to live with her partner in the UK and start planning their wedding. The couple was pleased with the assistance provided by WestBridge and how smoothly the application process went.

WestBridge’s immigration consultation services provided the couple with the necessary guidance and support to navigate the complex Fiancé Visa application process successfully. Their expertise and knowledge of the UK immigration system ensured that the application was complete, accurate, and met the requirements of the UKVI. This case study demonstrates WestBridge’s commitment to providing high-quality immigration consultation services to individuals seeking to live and work in the UK.

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