Here’s How WestBridge Helped A Business Expand To The UK

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As a UK-based immigration application consultation business, WestBridge was recently approached by a global company seeking to expand its operations to the UK. The company had a strong presence in several countries and was looking to establish a new branch in the UK.

Client Background

The client was specifically interested in the UK Expansion Worker Visa program, which allows companies to bring in skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to fill skilled job positions in the UK for a period of up to five years. WestBridge was confident in their ability to help the client navigate the complex UK visa application process and secure the necessary visas for their employees.

Consultation Process

WestBridge assigned a dedicated team of experienced immigration consultants to work closely with the client throughout the process. The first step was to assess the client’s eligibility for the UK Expansion Worker Visa program, which involved analyzing the client’s business operations, financial records, and staffing needs.

Once it was determined that the client was eligible, WestBridge began assisting with the visa application process. This included guiding the client through the necessary paperwork, providing advice on visa requirements, and liaising with UK immigration authorities on their behalf. WestBridge also assisted with the necessary biometric data collection and ensured that all visa application deadlines were met.

Throughout the visa application process, WestBridge maintained regular communication with the client to provide updates on the progress of their visa applications. WestBridge also provided advice and support to the client’s employees who were applying for visas, ensuring that they fully understood the visa requirements and any documentation they needed to provide.


Thanks to WestBridge’s expertise and dedicated support, the client’s UK Expansion Worker Visa applications were successful, and their employees were able to enter the UK to begin work. The client was extremely satisfied with WestBridge’s services, and has since recommended the company to other businesses seeking to expand to the UK.

In conclusion, WestBridge’s successful assistance with a global company’s UK Expansion Worker Visa applications demonstrates our expertise and dedication to providing comprehensive immigration application consultation services.¬†

By carefully assessing the client’s eligibility, guiding them through the application process, and providing ongoing support and communication, WestBridge was able to secure the necessary visas for the client’s employees and ensure a smooth expansion to the UK. 

The client’s satisfaction and subsequent recommendations further attest to our reputation as a reliable and effective immigration application consultant.

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