Here’s How WestBridge Made Visa Application Effortless For These Same-Sex Couples

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WestBridge is a UK-based immigration consultation company that specializes in providing Civil Partner Application Consultation services to individuals. The company has a team of experienced immigration consultants who are well-versed in the latest UK immigration laws and regulations.

Client Background

A same-sex individual, approached the company seeking assistance in obtaining a Civil Partner Visa for their non-UK partner. The individual had been in a long-term relationship with their partner for several years and had decided to formalize their relationship through a Civil Partnership in the UK. The non-UK partner was a citizen of a non-European country and required a visa to enter the UK.

The individual had attempted to apply for a Civil Partner Visa on their own, but they found the process to be complex and time-consuming. They were unsure of the documentation required and were worried about meeting the financial requirements. That’s when they decided to seek the assistance of WestBridge.

What We Did

WestBridge provided the individual with a comprehensive consultation, explaining the Civil Partner Visa application process, documentation requirements, and financial requirements. The company’s immigration consultants reviewed the individual’s application and identified areas where additional documentation was required. They provided guidance on the steps that the individual needed to take to meet the financial requirements.

The immigration consultants also provided advice on the Civil Partner Visa interview process, including potential questions and how to prepare for the interview. They also provided assistance with completing the visa application form and ensuring that all required documentation was submitted correctly.

The Outcome

Thanks to the assistance provided by WestBridge, the individual was successful in obtaining the Civil Partner Visa. The non-UK partner was able to enter the UK and formalize their relationship with their partner. The individual was delighted with the service provided by WestBridge and would recommend the company to anyone seeking assistance with UK immigration applications.

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