UK Immigration: Key Figures Before Election

When the Prime Minister called the general election earlier this week, his government had been talking about tougher immigration rules to reduce the migration further. The latest Home Office figures in migration indicate why his government wanted to focus on this.

Latest Home Office figures indicate that 3.4 million visas were granted in 2023 for those currently not inside the UK. Most of these were visitor visas, a total of 1.9 million were granted in 2023. 

This was the lowest since 2016 (if the pandemic years are excluded). The number of main applicants granted work visas in 2023 was 26% higher than 2022 and two and half times higher than 2019. Care worker visas almost doubled since 2022, representing 146,477 grants out of the 337,240 granted in 2023. 

The number of dependents jumped by 80% in the same period. The number of people extending their leave in the UK was 686,000 in 2023. With the election ongoing, further updates on immigration policy could be on the horizon.

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