These Unmarried Couples Were Struggling With Their Visa: Here’s What We Did

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West Bridge is an immigration application consultation company that provides visa application consultation services for individuals and businesses in the UK. This case study describes the services West Bridge provided to an unmarried couple seeking to apply for a UK unmarried partner visa.

Client Background

The clients were an unmarried couple living outside the UK. The couple had been living together for more than two years and wanted to relocate to the UK to be closer to the UK partner’s family. The non-EEA partner needed to obtain an unmarried partner visa to be eligible to join the UK partner in the UK.

Consultation Process

The first step in the consultation process was an initial assessment to determine the eligibility of the non-EEA partner for the UK unmarried partner visa. West Bridge reviewed the non-EEA partner’s qualifications, work experience, and financial status to ensure that they met the eligibility criteria.

Once the eligibility was confirmed, West Bridge prepared and submitted the visa application on behalf of the couple. The application included all the necessary supporting documents and evidence to demonstrate that the couple met the requirements of the visa category. The experts at West Bridge also provided guidance to the clients on the documentation required to prove their relationship.

The visa application process for an unmarried partner visa can be complex, and there are strict requirements that must be met. However, the experts at West Bridge were able to simplify the process for the clients and guide them through every step of the way.


Thanks to West Bridge’s assistance, the clients’ visa application was successful, and the non-EEA partner was granted a UK unmarried partner visa. They were thrilled to be reunited in the UK and start a new chapter in their lives together.

The clients praised West Bridge’s professionalism, knowledge, and customer service throughout the visa application process. They noted that the consultants at West Bridge went above and beyond to ensure that their visa application was successful.

West Bridge’s expertise in UK immigration law and visa application process has helped numerous couples reunite and live together in the UK. This case study highlights how West Bridge assisted an unmarried couple in applying for a UK unmarried partner visa, simplifying the process, and providing guidance every step of the way. West Bridge’s consultation services can help individuals and businesses in navigating the complex UK visa application process with ease.

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