Documents Needed for a Sponsor Licence Application

To successfully apply for a sponsor licence in the UK, businesses must provide specific documentation as outlined in Appendix A of the sponsor guidance. The required documents ensure that the applying entity is a legitimate business with a genuine need for employing migrant workers. 

You will need to provide 4 mandatory documents from the Appendix A list to avoid your application being rejected. 

Documents Needed for a Sponsor Licence Application

1. Appendix A documents: You need 4

The exact documents required can vary depending on the age and nature of the business.

  • For businesses trading for less than 18 months: You must provide a bank statement showing business transactions. This statement must come from a traditional bank and cannot be from an e-money provider.
  • For established businesses: You may submit audited accounts or evidence of corporate tax returns as well as the notice to deliver your accounts.

Certain industries are regulated by specific bodies, and businesses operating within these sectors must provide proof of their registration or regulation.

  • For businesses regulated by bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): Provide a copy of the registration with the regulatory authority. This proof must be up-to-date and clearly show that the business is in good standing with the regulatory body.

2. Evidence of Genuine Business Operations and Vacancy

To ensure that the sponsor licence is not being misused, you must prove that your business is genuine and that the vacancy you intend to fill is real.

  • Evidence of genuine business operations: This can include business activity documentation such as contracts for services, leases, or invoices.
  • Proof of a genuine vacancy: Submit the job description and specifications, demonstrating that the role requires the skills of a migrant worker. This should align with the job codes and roles stipulated by the Home Office.

3. Recruitment Evidence (Where Applicable)

If you have already conducted recruitment for the position, you must show how the process was carried out.

  • Evidence of the recruitment process: Provide details and documentation of the recruitment process, including advertisements, interview notes, and reasons for selecting the candidate. This is particularly important if you are applying to sponsor a migrant worker who is already in the UK.

4. Additional Documentation

Depending on your business size and structure, you will also need to provide:

  • Organisational Chart: This should illustrate the current staffing structure, highlighting where the sponsored role fits within the organisation. It helps to verify that the role is necessary and aligns with the business’s operational needs.
  • 3 months payslip: If the migrant that you want to sponsor is currently working for you.
  • Representation: This document must address the mandatory requirements as set out in Appendix A to avoid your application being rejected. For example, you will need to confirm that job salary and relevant SOC code for the sponsorable role.


Submitting a comprehensive and accurate set of documents is crucial for the approval of your sponsor licence application. Ensure that each document is up-to-date, clearly legible, and directly relevant to the requirement it fulfils. 

Failure to provide the correct documentation will lead to rejection, normally after 8 weeks has passed.

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